Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Need to Install Anything?

We ship a full-featured smartphone to your address. All Spyfone devices come pre-installed with our advanced mobile tracking software. There’s no need to change anything on the device.

What Can I Track?

Spyfone is the most advanced mobile tracking software available today. It tracks all smartphone activity, from app usage to private messages to GPS data.

Can I View GPS Location Data?

You can monitor live GPS location data. Or, view a history of GPS locations recorded through the phone. The SpyFone records location data wherever it can get a GPS signal. All GPS locations are displayed on Google Maps for your convenience.

I’m Not Good with Computers. Can I Still Use Spyfone?

Absolutely! Many of our users have minimal computer experience. If you’re reading this page right now, we’re confident you’ll find Spyfone easy to use.

Are Spyfones Different From Ordinary Phones?

Spyfones come pre-installed with advanced mobile tracking software. That software is installed at the root levels of the phone, which makes it difficult for the average user to detect. You can choose to display a small monitoring icon in the notification tray, or leave it invisible.

Do I Need to Be Close to the Phone to Track It?

Absolutely not! One of the best parts about Spyfone is that you can monitor activity from anywhere you have internet. Check on your kids while you’re in Europe. View live location data while you’re at work. If you have an internet connection, you can check your Spyfone.

What Kinds of Phones Are Available?

Our online store carries a range of devices to suit all budgets. View available models here.


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