Real-time Monitor your devices.

Our Spyfones let you monitor usage on your phone in real-time. All usage is monitored over a convenient online interface.



Your device comes pre-installed with our tracking software, so you never need to worry about installing complicated software on your own.

If you like, you can customize your tracking software with custom alerts, geo-fencing, and more.

Track Everything

Easily monitor all activity on the Spyfone – even if you’re bad with technology! Check social media usage. Monitor emails. View location data. Track everything instantly.

Remote Online Monitoring

Monitor your Spyfone from anywhere you have internet. If you can open a web browser, you can monitor your Spyfone.

Messenger Logs

Get complete details about a Spyfone’s messaging activity – including contacts, messages, and images. Our advanced tracking software monitors Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and other messaging platforms.

Photo and Video Monitoring

View all photos and videos stored on the device. Download media from the device over the internet. View where photos and videos came from, and check GPS data for images.

Block Applications

Prevent certain applications from running or block certain functions within applications. This feature is available to block downloaded apps as well as built-in software (including bloatware).


Spyfones work out-of-the-box without customization. However, advanced users can customize their devices with geo-fencing, profanity alerts, contact alerts, and other options.

Call Monitoring

Get detailed information about each call, including time, duration, and the caller’s contact details. Find out how much time was spent on each call – and where the call took place.

GPS Tracking

View a map of recent locations. Or, check the device any time for live location data. See where your device went – and how long it spent at each location.

Live Screen Monitoring

View the screens of your phone in real-time. Check what your Spyfone is doing right now. Silently establish a connection over the internet to check your Spyfone’s activity anytime.

Low Battery Usage

Spyfone uses lightweight software to minimize resource usage. Users won’t notice the difference in battery life or processing power. It works like an ordinary phone.

Impossible to Detect

Our monitoring application runs silently in the background resulting in no impact on user experience.

Ideal for Anyone

Our Spyfones can be spotted around the world. Our customers include parents, employers, families, and more. Customize your Spyfone to meet your unique needs. 

No Tech Experience Required

If you’re reading this webpage, you can use a Spyfone. Your Spyfone-enabled smartphone works out of the box like an ordinary device. Monitor everything using the easy online UI, accessible from any web browser or smartphone.

Select the devices and start tracking!

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