How It Works

With Spyfone you can track app usage, monitor calls, messages and download photos or videos from the device. Let's see how it works?


Our phones come pre-installed with the most advanced mobile tracking software in the world. 

For all intents and purposes, Our phone looks and performs like an ordinary Android device. Our low-profile software silently sends information over the internet to your account. Use our easy online platform to track app usage, monitor calls, messages, and download photos or videos from the device.

It’s easy to use Spyfones even if you have limited experience with technology. There’s no need to install any additional software onto the phone. The device can be used as normal. If you can use the internet, you’ll have no trouble accessing the Spyfones monitoring platform.

Step #1

You Buy a Spyfone
from Our Online Store

Step #2

Your Phone Arrives Pre-Installed with Our Advanced Mobile Tracking Software

Step #3

Start Using your Spyfone

Step #4

Log In Any Time to View All Activities

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