Terms of Service

Prior to completing any legal payment/deal related to purchase of our custom tracking devices (hereinafter - the device), please read thoroughly this END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA). Through this end user license agreement we constitute a legally valid contract between us as the service/product supplier company and you as the end recipient/user of services/products. If you purchase the negotiated device, you by default accept the conditions of the license and conclude the EULA with us in its full legal force. If you do not consent to conditions of the license, you are in no position to purchase the device. Equally, if you reject the conditions set in the EULA and do not recognize yourself legally bound by its conditions and terms, then you are denied the right to purchase the device.

By accepting the conditions under this license contract and by taking legal liabilities imposed by this EULA, you consent that you will deploy and use the device for the sole purpose of monitoring the device(s) that officially belong(s) to you or to use it exclusively in an account/program/application to which you have legal access. Besides, you are bound to inform the person(s) using the same device about the app installation or to inform the person(s) who can access the monitored account/program/application about the surveillance imposed on them. If you fail to fulfill this condition, you may break some state or federal legal regulation. Hence, you will remunerate possible fines/costs carried by the Software Supplier for your incorrect or openly illegal use of this tracking software.

The User hence confirms that he/she will install/use/delete the obtained device according to regulations provided in all local/state/federal laws applicable to use of the discussed device for monitoring of accounts/apps/programs/devices.

The Users ensures that the device SHALL NOT be deployed/used on persons that do not constitute the User's property or on devices for which the clear consent for monitoring was not obtained from their User.

It is used for monitoring online/communication activities of children and employees, e.g. mobile device that is Your property or is legally controlled by You; You are the Party responsible for identifying the level of lawfulness of monitoring activities You intend to undertake on a device or a program/app; the Software Supplier will accept no liability for any unlawful actions taken by You in regard to monitoring of devices/apps/programs/accounts You cannot access.

Spyfones are created for use in legal conditions and for legal purposes. This Software under License was specifically designed for parents/employers/other individuals who can legally access and monitor devices/programs/accounts they intend to access. The Software Supplier has no capacity or power to consult You about legal aspects of monitoring You plan to perform. Please mind that, in majority of instances, the federal/state laws of the USA prohibit any use of monitoring software like the Licensed Software with the intent of controlling/surveying the devices/programs/apps/ accounts that You have no right to monitor. Under legal provisions, it is prescribed that You notify in advance the person(s) who own or use devices or programs/apps/accounts about the start of surveillance over them.

In case You do not adhere to applicable regulations, it may mean the breach of law and cost You monetary or administrative penalty. So prior to purchase/use of the Licensed Software, please take the advice of your legal counsellor regarding Your purpose of use of the software. Please mind that You are the Party responsible for identifying the potential legal issues of monitoring activities You intend to undertake on a device or an account/app; the Software Supplier will take no liability for any unlawful actions performed by You in regard to monitoring of devices/apps/programs/accounts You cannot access.

Breach of legal use of Spyfones: By accepting the EULA You confirm that You shall not employ the Licensed Software with the purpose of causing any harm to other parties, whether individuals or entities, and that You will avoid stalking, harassing, offending, intimidating or infringing the rights of other individuals. Please take our warning that we, as the Device Supplier, cannot protect you from receiving intimidating, harassing, threatening or other illegal communications that You may encounter in the process of the Software use and so we do not take any liability in this case. If it happens so that You breached the provisions set in this EULA and deployed the software on a gadget or in an account You had no right to monitor, we reserve our right to de-install the Software automatically without Your permission and to block your account on our official site. On our part we guarantee that data transmission through our servers is conducted in securely encrypted mode and cannot be retrieved by anyone except the account owner. Hence, the Software Supplier cannot monitor the content stored in the User's account and shall not share any data with third parties, save for cases directly prescribed by law.

Consent to Limited Use Of Personal Data. By agreeing to this EULA, You give permission to the Software Supplier to retrieve and use technical details and supporting data, which include but not come down to Your device brand and model, its operation system, apps used and peripheral equipment related to it. The Software Supplier will use this information solely with purpose of delivering better user's experience and improving operability of the Licensed Software if necessary. You permit the Software Supplier to use this limited information for providing You with necessary services and updates, as long as this mode of data use does not compromise your privacy. The sensitive data protected by law will be engaged by the Software Supplier only for direct communications with You as the good business practice foresees, and this information will be disclosed only by court decisions or in circumstances outlined in the Privacy Policy.

Agreement Expiry date and EULA Termination. The validity period of this license equals to the expiry term of the subscription package chosen by You. You are authorised to use the licensed product and accompanying services only within this mentioned period. You license will be withdrawn and all rights for software usage revoked without any prior notice when your subscription plan expires or in case when You breach any of the terms listed in the clauses of this EULA. If your license is withdrawn, You are obliged to stop employing the Software in all possible modes and to uninstall the Software from the target device completely.

Third Party Content And Services. The Software supplied by our company works in a way that may enable Your automatic access to content, services and whole websites created by third parties (hereinafter Services) that may contain improper or offensive materials. While handling our Software, please remember that You may face the content of indecent, offensive, explicit or objectionable nature, or You may encounter explicit language or images; or as a result of monitoring the target device and exploring the URLs and links in the browsing history on the gadget, You may unintentionally click the link or follow the reference leading to locations where such content is stored. Hence, You consent to accept the mentioned risk related to the Software and consent not to hold the Software Supplier liable for any case of facing the mentioned unwanted content.

In addition to that, if it happens so that the Third Party Content/Services contain any copyright or protected information, materials or products that are covered by intellectual property regulations (but not limited to them), You consent not to employ these materials/content with any other goal except for the one stated in this License.

The present EULA is expressly withdrawn from the scope of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and cannot be disputed on its basis. When any of its clauses or its part is declared unenforceable by the court of applicable jurisdiction, the remaining content of the EULA shall continue valid and effective.

Conditions and clauses of this EULA may be adjusted or altered at discretion of the Software Supplier, and after introduction of changes the updated text will be provided on this page.

The effective version of license comes into effect in July 1st, 2017.